Pretender Clown Liars

Credentialed Pseudoscientists masquerading as ACTUAL Scientists Jedi Mind Trick hordes of fanatical religious zealots via their churches — wiki/Discovery Channel etc– who then Mindlessly PARROT them; when confronted — either the Pseudoscience Priests or their brain dead followers — by anyone with a 5th Grade General Science Acumen and/or who can ‘Fog A Mirror’, they LIE !! In many cases, it’s difficult to charge them with intentional deceit; however, there are instances when it’s PAINFULLY SELF EVIDENT.

Toady and Rumpy (Dumb and Dumber)

George Pontiff Maximus of Retardia

Dr. Danny Faulkner Falls Flat

Pseudo Mick Westian 2-Space

Steve McRae (aka: Deceive McClown of The Clan McClowns) Pulverized

Roohiff ‘Roofy’

Coriolis “CAUSES” (Death of the Spinning Space Monkey Religion)